Wednesday, 6th November 2024           -           Seniors (Stableford)

                                                                                 Sponsors (Stableford)                     

Thursday, 7th November 2024               -           Championship Men – Day 1 (Scratch)

                                                                                Support (Stableford)

Friday, 8th November 2024                     -         Championship Men - Day 2 (Scratch)

                                                                               Championship Ladies – Day 1 (Scratch)

                                                                               Handicap - Day 1 (Medal)

Saturday, 9th November 2024                -         Championship - Final Day (Scratch)

                                                                               Championship Ladies – Final (Scratch)

                                                                               Handicap - Final Day (Medal)


1. Championship Men                                         54 Holes (Thursday to Saturday)

2. Championship Ladies                                     36 Holes (Friday and Saturday)                   


  1. Handicap                                                      36 Holes (Friday and Saturday)
  2. Sponsors & Seniors                                     18 /9 Holes (Wednesday)
  3. Support                                                         18 Holes (Thursday)

Championship Men                                GHS 400.00 (Four hundred GHS)

Championship Ladies                             GHS 350.00 (Three hundred and fifty GHS)

Handicap                                                GHS 350.00 (Three hundred and fifty GHS) 

Support/Seniors A                                  GHS 250.00 (Two hundred and fifty GHS)

Seniors B (9 Holes)                                 GHS 200.00 (Two hundred GHS)

Payment by Telecel Cash 0207122888 (Royal Golf Club, Kumasi)

1. Championship

i. Men - Up to 5.8                                      

ii. Ladies - Up to 9.5                          

2. Handicap 

i. Men - 5.9 to 10.8                          

ii. Ladies - 9.6 to 16.2                                   

3. Support

i. Men Grp A - 10.9 to 15.7             

ii. Men Grp B - 15.8 and Above (PH Limit of 24)                  

iii. Ladies - 16.3 and above (PH Limit of 27)              

4. Seniors                                                      

i. Group A (18 holes) - up to 70 years (PH Limit 24/27)      

ii. Group B (9 holes) - above 70 years (PH Limit 12/14)      


  1. Championship - 1st to 6th
  2. Handicap - 1st to 4th
  3. Support Grp A - 1st to 3rd
  4. Support Grp B - 1st to 3rd
  5. Seniors Grp A - 1st to 3rd  
  6. Seniors Grp B - 1st & 2nd


  1. Championship - 1st & 2nd
  2. Handicap - 1st to 3rd
  3. Support - 1st to 3rd

Registration Link

Click on the link below to register 👇👇👇👇👇


Please note that Entries are confirmed AFTER RECEIPT of payment of entry fees.


Closing Date

18:00HRS GMT on Friday 1st November 2024.



The draw for the event would be published at least 2 days (48 hours) prior tee off day

Conditions Of Play

The competition shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by the R & A Golf Club of St. Andrews, the United States Golf Association, the Ghana Golf Association and the local rules of the Royal Golf Club, Kumasi. Should the Competitions Committee declare the course unplayable for any justifiable reason beyond the control of the Committee or the Royal Golf Club, Kumasi, the competition will be determined by as many completed rounds of holes as have been played.

Ties & Cut-Off

In the event of a tie for first place in the Championship event, the winner will be decided by a play-off over holes 8 and 9. If there is still a tie after the play-off, a sudden death play-off starting on holes 18 then 9 will be played until a winner emerges. All other positions in other events will be decided on countback. There will be cut-off for the 54-hole championship event to 12 players after 36 holes. There will be no cut-off for all 36-hole categories.


All competitors are to report to the official starter not later than 10 minutes before the competitor’s tee-off time. If a competitor reports later than the stipulated time but within 5 minutes of his/her tee-off time and is ready to play, the player shall incur a 2-stroke penalty. A competitor will be disqualified outright if his/her group has completed the first hole when the competitor reports.

Adjudicating Committee

The Captain (or equivalent rank) of the Royal Golf Club, Kumasi will be the Chairman of the Adjudicating Committee. Other members will be selected from the following: -

  1. Two of any current Captains of participating Clubs present.
  2. Competitions Secretary of the Royal Golf Club, Kumasi
  3. Secretary of the GGA or in his absence any GGA executive member present.

Refreshment, Meals And Dinner

  1. Brunch will be served from 11am to 3pm on all days to scheduled players.
  2. Water and Beer/Malt on all days to scheduled players ONLY.
  3. Cocktail on Friday 8th November 2024 at the Clubhouse from 6:00pm to 10:00pm
  4. Awards & Sponsors’ Dinner on Saturday 9th November 2024 at Otumfuo Osei Tutu II Jubilee Hall at the Manhyia Palace.

Strictly by INVITATION and COMPLIANCE with Dress Code. 

All prize winners in the Championship and Handicap categories must attend to receive their prizes. Club Captains and Presidents with their partners are cordially invited. 

Dinner Dress Code

Gentlemen: Black Suit with White Shirt and Black Bow/Flying Tie

Ladies: Evening Wear.


Title sponsor’s branded shirts and caps for Championship & Handicap golfers ONLY. Golfers in other category may be given branded shirt based on availability.

Golf Dress Code

Strictly sponsor’s shirt for Championship & Handicap golfers on Friday 8th November 2024.

All other golfers are encouraged to be in white/red/grey/black golf polo shirts on the day of play.

Customized shirts of rival/competing brands are strictly prohibited.