Wednesday, 6th November 2024                    -           Day 1

Thursday, 7th November 2024                        -           Day 2

Friday, 8th November 2024                            -           Day 3 (Cut Off Day 1)

Saturday, 9th November 2024                       -           Final Day

GHS 750.00 (Seven hundred and fifty GHS)


Preferred payment shall be to 

Telecel Cash no. 0207122888 - Royal Golf Club, Kumasi.

  1. Top 18 players at the 66th Asantehene Open.

  2. Past winners of Asantehene Open since 2014

  3. Top 10 finish in all opens in Africa in the year.

  4. Top 10 ranked PGA golfers in resident country.

  5. Professional golf tour membership/card in the past year.

  6. Qualifier with score of not more than +8 over 2 days (36 holes) qualifier to be played from 4th to 5th November 2024



Position                      Prize

1st                                65,000 (Sixty-five thousand GHS)

2nd                              36,000 (Thirty-six thousand GHS)

3rd                              25,000 (Twenty-five thousand GHS)

4th                               15,000 (Fifteen thousand GHS)

5th                               12,000 (Twelve thousand GHS)

6th                               10,000 (Ten thousand GHS)

7th                               8,000 (Eight thousand GHS)

8th                               7,000 (Seven thousand GHS)

9th                               6,000 (Six thousand GHS)

10th                            5,800 (Five thousand Eight hundred GHS)

11th                            5,600 (Five thousand Six hundred GHS)

12th                            5,400 (Five thousand Four hundred GHS)

13th                            5,200 (Five thousand Two hundred GHS)

14th                            5,000 (Five thousand GHS)

15th                            4,800 (Four thousand Eight hundred GHS)

16th                            4,600 (Four thousand Six hundred GHS)

17th                            4,400 (Four thousand Four hundred GHS)

18th                            4,200 (Four thousand Four hundred GHS)

19th                            4,000 (Four thousand GHS)

20th                            3,800 (Three thousand Eight hundred GHS)

21st                             3,600 (Three thousand Six hundred GHS)

22nd                            3,400 (Three thousand Four hundred GHS)

23rd                            3,200 (Three thousand Two hundred GHS)

24th                            3,000 (Three thousand GHS)

TOTAL PURSE             250,000 (Two hundred and Fifty thousand GHS)

Administrative Charges 

  1. Prize money subject to 5% admin charge.
  2. All other charges, taxes and levies remain the player’s responsibilities.
  3. Payment within 2 weeks to designated bank (negotiable for Foreign Pros)

Caddy Fees

Rounds 1 and 2

GHS100 paid together with the entry fee.

Tips and bonuses at the discretion of the golfer

Rounds 3 and 4

5% of winning purse deducted at source.

Payment to the Caddy within 2 working days.

Mode of Registration


Include the following.

  1. Name
  2. Club
  3. Country
  4. Entry qualification (e.g. Top 18 at 66th Open/Past Winner/Top 10 at Gabon Open, etc)


Closing Date

18:00HRS GMT on Friday 1st November 2024.



The draw for the event would be published at least 2 days (48 hours) prior tee off day

Conditions Of Play

The competition shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by the R and A Golf Club of St. Andrews, the United States Golf Association, the Professional Golf Association and the local rules of the Royal Golf Club, Kumasi. 


In the event of a tie for first place, the winner will be decided by a play-off over holes 8, 9 and 18. If there is still a tie after the play-off, a sudden death play-off starting on holes 18 then 8 and 9 will be played until a winner emerges. 

Cut Off

The Organizing Committee will cut the field to 24 players. Should there be a tie for the 24th position the 24th player would be determined by countback.

General Golf Dress Code

WHITE/RED/GREY polo shirts on day of play.

Refreshment And Meals 

  1. Brunch will be served from 11am to 3pm on all days to scheduled players.
  2. Water and beer/malt on all days to scheduled players.

Awards Dinner Invitation

The Overall Winner, top 24 and foreign golfers are to attend Awards Dinner on Saturday 9th November 2024 at the Otumfuo Osei Tutu II Jubilee Hall from 7pm. 

Dress Code: Strictly Dinner Wear (Black Suit and bow tie with white dinner shirt)